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Granted, plus you get extra tickets to the game.

I wish everybody had Christmas spirit.
Granted, but Christmas no longer exists.

I wish I couldn't recognize bad kerning.
Granted; you are now blind.

I wish I was caught up on my homework.
Granted, you now have 3 tests tomorrow over the homework.

I wish my cat was alive.
Granted, 10,000 hours will be assigned to you tomorrow.

I wish I could wake up as late as I wanted to.
Granted, but you are never feel like you got enough sleep.

I wish I could remove out-of place replies in game threads.
Granted, but you are forced to remove all of them and you are overwhelmed by the sheer number of them.

I wish this wish wouldn't get corrupted.
Granted, merry Christmas, this is all you get from me. (The granting of the wish is its own corruption)
I wish that I could get a puppy for Christmas, despite owning three dogs already.
Granted, it's because the other three dogs died.

I wish to win the spelling bee.
Granted: you win by default.

I wish my physics teacher's homework assignments made sense.
Granted. They are all home-ec assignments.

I wish that schools would take money out of sports and put it into the fine arts.
Granted, but the fine arts department gets destroyed by a meteor.

I wish for a meatier meteor.
granted, a meteor made out of steak causes mass extinction

i wish for motivation to do work. I am really far behind in all my stuff
Granted, you are motivated to do work. Enjoy your job at the quarry.

I wish that I knew what everyone thought of me.
Granted but everyone thinks bad thoughts about you

I wish it was Christmas right now
Granted. You were in a coma for 2 and a half weeks.

I wish for some candy.
Granted but it's poisoned

I wish I had a dollar
Granted. It's a form of dollar that has never been seen before, but has no value due to it not being legal tender.

I wish simply for good luck.
good luck for other random people

i wish my acne wasn't as bad
Granted not you have no face

I wish for more wishes
granted, they cannot be used to change this reality

i wish i was able to spell
Granted but you can only spell "I'm stupid"

I wish I wasn't stupid when I was a little kid
Granted. You were never born.

I wish to not fail any classes this semester.
Granted but you have a D- in all of them now

I wish I studied for my test today
granted, it was a drug test you studied for

i wish eating raw cookie dough didnt make you sick
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