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/\Is being referred to by someone who enjoys, and would also like to know if tehreferred to person enjoys, referring to past events while speaking in such a way that implies tehspeaker is referring to future events.
^Is mistaken
/\ Is probably right
^ is speaking with a variety of people
^is only speaking with one person
^Yes. Yes I am.
^^^^ Has 4 dots!
^Didn't respond to meh ;^;
^I apologize for that
Is Totally not Jaxon
^Is Scienceisfun123 and is talking to TotallyNotJason
^Isn't wrong but is ruining the spirit of the game
/\ Is talking about ghosts if you misinterpret their sentence.
^The ghost of "About ^" likes you
^has edited their pfp just enough for Valentine's in almost exactly 4 weeks
^will probably never edit their profile picture
^Hasn't seen delb's original pfp
/\Has an attic
  | Has possibly either been to the attic, or has looked at, and/or also considered, clicking on the link to the attic.
^ and ^^ do not realize the basement belongs to arale, the attic belongs to a user that's rarely on anymore
^used three carrots cuz they extra like that
^Might start being on more often
^Would appreciate it if what ^ said is true
^makes confusing word chains that make me feel threatened
^is endangered
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