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^ never been more correct
< i think i may have pyromania
v thinks i am joking
<Wants to have Heterochromia
v might or might not know what Heterochromia is
^ that is pretty cool
< knows what it is, had to look up name however
v is looking at me through the window
/\Should stop doing that in public.
< wants to un see that.
\/ Uses organic compounds.
^I don't.
<Doesn't use organic compounds
v carries their 3ds everywhere
^Knows me too well
< Would carry a switch around but god knows it would be stolen/broken
\/Is PC master race.
^ is very protective of his switch.
< actually doesn't game much, but when he does it's on a PC
v has never actually understood colors/the light spectrum
↑ Doesn't know that I love science
← Knows a lot about electromagnetic/light frequencies and how they interact with the environment
↓ Knows little information regarding electronics and their parts
^ is a total dick that shits on perfectly good ideas
< is a total dick that also shits on perfectly good ideas, as well as perfectly good people
v is probably going to be all shitty
^ hey boy watch your mouth
< does not care if people watch their mouth
v also does not care
^ I do care.
<Cares about people keeping profanity controlled.
v probably doesn't.
^ Doesn't know that we've had a lot of conversations
< Is more active on this site than a lot of people on here assume
v Has a cool profile picture (fingers crossed)
^Nah. Sorry, man.
<Is on da bus
v is not on da bus
^has the coolest profile pic
<Is, in fact, not on the bus
\/Can drive to mcdonalds and buy a happy meal
^ is correct
< *can* drive but shouldn't cos it's still illegal until I get my licence.
v has been the getaway driver in a diamond heist.
^Had better stop blabbing
<Is innocent; doesn't even know what a diamond heist is
v Is my accomplice... in... not diamonds....?
^Is proven innocent
<Was totally an accomplice in a thing that does not involve gems of any kind
\/Is the FBI
↑ Is wrong, but I am probably on an FBI watchlist
← Has done numerous nefarious things on the internet
↓ Will never get to know what I've done, but that's for the best
^ Knows were all probably on the FBI watch list.
< has explored the deep web.
v probably doesn't own any bitcoin.
/\Is right about that
<Realized finals aren't that important for your grade
\/Is in the common core
^Yes, it's stupid.
<Is intelligent
v is of a high grade of knowledge
^ Doesn't know how much the fourth word applies. XD
< Is eating an apricot
v Is actually Donald Trump
^Is wrong about everything
<Kills for fun
v Hates net neutrality
^It's necessary.
<thinks chairman of FCC should die with Trump
v has not been on Twocans within the last hour of this post
↑ Is just wrong
← Deeply cares about net neutrality
↓ Wants to impeach Blumpf