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Granted but no.
I wish my 500th post was better then this one.
It's alright! The big milestone is 1,000 IMO
Error 404: Wish not found, thanks granted

I wish for a good image to encapsulate an establishing definition of gmos.
Granted, but all of your information will be inaccurate.

I wish for some amount of wildlife to be present on my school's campus during my 7th period class.
Granted, you get fire ants. LOTS of fire ants.

I wish to be omnipotent
Granted, but you're impotent.
(the no boner definition, not the actually legitimately weak definition)
I wish for a knife.
Granted, it is made out of gallium.

I wish that people would check out my variant forum game, as well as for a really cool crazy straw.
Granted, but my post was bad

I wish that my Tampopper(r) didn't break
Stephven science his doesnt make sense

Granted, but you only get bots

I wish for my Ela homework to be magically done well
Granted, but it gets lost.

I wish that I understood what FasterTwo was talking about.

PS. I now claim your soul.

Granted, but you regret being able to listen to his ramblings.

I wish for some more self-confidence.
Granted, but now every one hates you.

I wish that fewer people would look at the dots thread in site announcements to take advantage of Blake posting the rules for the dots before he does updates and they change.
the dots are gone
i wish i was able to sleep
You fall into a coma.

I wish that there was a cool meme I could reference here.
its old and trash

i wish for more strength
Granted, your dex drops the same amount

I wish for YOU to have an excellent day.
Granted, but it's at everyone else's expense.

I wish that I could understand the reason exactly why I like something.
granted but as soon as you understand you no longer like it

I wish that my ferret was still alive
Granted, but it no longer want to do anything.

I wish I could speed up time by creating a montage of future events.
You go to far, everyone you love are dead

I wish I could listen to music in my playlist without playing the same 3 songs over and then hating them
Granted, but now people are concerned becayse you listen to the same songs over and over without getting sick of them.

I wish I could live on the moon.
You can, but you'll never find that out.

I wish you a merry Christmas.
Granted, but no happy New Year.

I wish I could go under the sea.
Granted, you get crushed by the intense pressure under the sea

I wish I was a plant.
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