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Hey, what's that STANK?
Take a look over the KNAPS. Maybe the smell is coming from over there.


plural noun: knaps
the crest of a hill.
Maybe it was some hooligan's idea of a PRANK.
Well, if it's my doggone son, I'll have to SPANK him.
This is getting a bit repetitive, how about we takes a break and go for a walk in some PARKS
Because this is SPARTa.
lets START over using page 141 1st word down. Note - I don't know what this word is

Edit: I do. It's SHARE.
Well, I won't shed any TEARS.
Well, who REAPS the crops should tend to them. Will we keep up this new tradition as well?
Yeah, as long as everyone gets to SPEAK.

(reminder that putting it in a sentence is not required in the rules so if you yell at me I will go into your DMs and call you unpleasant)
How dare you! Putting these in sentences is what makes this fun to play! If you don't put them into sentences this thread will run out of STEAM!
Hey, this steak is really MEATY.
I can't get steaks with you man, I'm going to a METAL concert.
Not if I STEAL your tickets.
You already are on edge with me for not paying your LEASE on time, don't push your luck.
What about all the adorable baby SEALS?
Who cares if he can't pay a LEASE?
Hey, for whoever can't pay a lease, let's go to WALES and watch seals!
Why wales, when we could see a WHALE
I'd Like to swim with the whales for a WHILE
I'll go with you, but I'm bringing a WHITE snorkel.
I'll bring some TWINE
I'll bring some NEWTS. They can regrow limbs.
Maybe we can see some birds' NESTS.
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