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The power to reject paradoxes
You avoid paradoxes.

The power to have the opposite of super strength.
easier to rip out an arm and beat people with it

the power to know every continuity mistake made as soon as the episode of TV or whatever media, but you don't know what media it is
be the grey man (look it up)

power to lose computer battery 10% faster
use your enemys computer and ruin it

the power to speak in a language no one understands not even you
Great comedy skit/record a indie game's language

The power to see into the future, but only when experiencing deja vu.
it is common for people to experience deja vu before having a seizure. Good if you are epileptic

power to make the Italian mafia hate one random person in the world
You make that person your enemy.

The power to have permanent X-ray vision.
You make that person your enemy.

The power to have permanent X-ray vision.
You could cure your acrophobia

The ability to eat 1% less than normal
Portion sizes aren't a problem.

The power to move a feather with your mind.
cool party trick

power to change a tv channel while holding the remote but you dont need to press the buttons
Saves you work.

The power to come up with good comebacks a day after an argument.
Good at internet fights

The power to list anything in order by volume without needing to see it
Be accurate about which country has more of one thing than another.

The power to see ultraviolet rays.
You'd see if they were actually violet.

The power to divide by zero.
Stump mathematicians.

The power to identify any animal by eating exactly three strands of it's DNA, any more or less will kill you.
good if you can see dna

power to add adult jokes to movies
the theaters will either love or hate you

the power to annihilate any ant with heat vision once per week
add a "u" to the word and family reunions are better.

The power to fail in an aesthetically pleasing manner.
you do real good asmr

the power to summon 3 dead fish once per day, but they're diseased with fish aids
Once a day magic act.

The power to break glass when you place your head on it
When you want to get out of a building through the window quickly.

The ability to walk 1% slower.
You would be an excellent 'real-life' walking demonstration example for math courses.

i.e., I'm walking 1% slower!. <paces around classroom>
Now I'm walking 1% slower than 1% slower!
Now I'm walking 1% slower than 1% slower than 1% slower!...
what is my speed if I do this 450 times???

The ability to think every sentence with an additional letter "h" attached to the end of the sentence.
i.e thinking, "Maybe I'll go grocery shoppingh", "Time to procrastinate on Twocansh", etc.
Well, it's pretty funny sometimes.

The power to bruise your knee.
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