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banned because YOU are the heretic
Banned for heretictacal actions.
Banned for everything.
Banning myself for only now noticing Stephven's icon is M E E M
banned because I don't get it
Banned because it's your I II II I_
Banned for getting to page 1250 on this thread
Banned for posting about page number multiple posts after it was reached
Banned for making a bananananana snow man, and having purple dot at time of this posting.
banned for mispelling banana
Banned for banning me for an intenional mispellling.
Banned for having the purple, green, blue, red, and yellow dots.
Banned for not having the dots
banned for having less posts than me at the time of me posting this
Banned for posting.
Banned for existing
Banned for not existing.
banned for breaking the universe
Banned for breaking my heart, you monster.
Banned for having a heart.
Banned for having a broken heart.
Banned for thinking my heart is broken when I just get my blood pumped through monkeys hitting buttons.
Banned for having a monkey-controlled heart.
Banned for being prejudiced against people with monkey controlled hearts.
Banned for assuming I'm prejudiced.
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