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Arale said:
all i know from it is oma wae no shinderu you are already dead and its just a beautiful thing

That's not JoJo's
The "to be continued" is, though
I want a borgor!
Isn't that made of borger meat?
Is hamburger meat made out of people from hamburg?
You know, I've thought that same thing just yesterday.
The omae wa mou shindeiru comes from Fist of the North Star
Yes, it's from Fist of the North Star.
did no one get my reference

i guess you guys just didn't have a childhood
lol whoops. I guess I don't know what the heck Jojo is
I always thought those were those big potato wedges that were seasoned and fried
like these
ah shat now im hungry
Lol. Arale, can we have ^^?
Jojo's Bizarre potato wedges
I'd buy those.
You thought it was Baked Potato, but it was ME! FRIES!
I set up a bitcoin mine in a corner.
Heck yeah to the potato wedges

Also yall hear about bitcoin crashing?!?
Invest now kids, so that you too can try and be rich.
Yeah, I heard. I'm not investing in it.
My dad's insanely into cryptocurrency, but surprisingly not bitcoin. He even has a hardware ledger to store all of his ethereum lmao
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