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Cheese and wine = wheeze and chine
Actually made me snort out loud. 11/11
And, this thread is sack in the battle.
One fell swoop

Edit: oh yeah 6/10 btw

One swell foop
Puper san.

Ball of Whacks
Wall of Backs
Dunk Pie
Punk Die
Due Cours
Cue Doors
Move Lead
Love Mead

San of Coda,
Can of soda.
Perky Joy
Jerky poy

Stay Engaged

Bengay Staged

fried dog
Died Frog (Died as in dyed)

Lit Fam
Fit Lamb

I Love My Dummy And My Mad
(ILove my mummy and my dad)
terrible house
horrible touse (sort of)
Real Fascism
Feel Rascism
Beef Flake Stank <--> Beef Flank Steak
Queef Cake Dank

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