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Using nothing but a bent paperclip and a few lucky guesses, MacGyver pokes the little factory reset button on Inspector Gadget's neck, producing complete and total amnesia. Now more preoccupied with trying to figure out how to walk again, Inspector Gadget is declared the loser.

Luke Skywalker, or Dave Ryder, Space Mutineer?
Skywalker easily disarms and captures Ryder with the intent of handing him over to face justice for resisting the lawful rule of the Enforcers. However, he perceives Kalgan's evil intent and instead sides with Ryder to restore the ship's original mission.

Who would win in a fight, Angus MacGyver or Angus Young?
Angus Young and Angus MacGyver are both sucked into the etherial plane of AngusBeef420
(how u use pics?)

Blake vs God
> : (
I'll tell you how to picture after you put some real effort into the matchup.

God wins by remaking the universe without Blake in it.

Who would win in a fight, a hamtart or Hamtaro?
The hamtart is an inanimate object. Hamtoro wins by default.

Blind Lemon Vs. The Pinball Wizard.
The Pinball Wizard wins (but he has to use a trick). The Pinball Wizard has such a supple wrist.

Who would win in a fight, a satellite phone or a CB radio?
Satellite phone uses some of his "connections" in geostationary orbit to glass the surface of the Earth in a nuclear holocaust, thus destroying all of the CB radios.

Though this would have ordinarily resulted in a victory for the satellite phones, it destroyed all of the satellite phones as well as the arbitration committee, so the match goes undecided.

Pirates Vs. Privateers.
Pirates play for higher stakes and their desperation makes them more dangerous in a fight. Privateers can afford to pick their battles. Pirates win.

Who would win in a fight, the Pirates of Penzance or the Pirates Who Don't Do Anything?
Obviously Penzance. They may be terrible pirates, but they do stuff, and they are not vegetables.

Scar or Shere Khan?
Scar is tricky but this is a fight, not an intrigue. Shere Khan is uniformly badass in all his appearances (even the hero only destroys him using the environment and not in single combat). Tiger wins. He'd probably go for the kill, too.

Who would win in a fight: The crew of a fully armed AH-64 helicopter, or a tribe of Apache warriors?
  • Neither side has surprise.
  • The helicopter may freely refuel at a nearby airbase,
  • but no additional munitions are available.
  • The base is fortified and under surveillance but unmanned,
  • and the Apaches know its location.
  • Neither side may obtain reinforcements.
I've had to do some extremely rough calculations, given i wasn't determined enough to find a reliable source, though i tried to give the apache a helping hand a didn't matter. Assuming the driver was skilled in his craft, he would be able to make short work of the tribe with the amount of ammo he/she had. The spears/bows they had couldn't really do any damage, especially if he/she were high above the ground, and the missiles on board make the AH-64 all the more destructive. He/she might not even need to stop for gas...but if he/she did, there is no way the tribe could breach a military outpost, even unmanned.

A human ear vs. a stereo traveling at 2 times the speed of sound
The stereo obliterates the human ear and the head it's attached to on impact.

Crow T. Robot vs. Mr. Roboto.
Mister Roboto puts the "kill" in "Kilroy".

Who would win in a fight, The twins Lemonjello and Oranjello, or the members of Lemon Jelly?
Lemonjello and Oranjello are just kids! Lemon Jelly will be charged with infanticide.

Yertle the Turtle or Bartholomew Cubbins?
Yertle the Turtle, he would fall over, leading to the great turtle fall of 2017, many lives were lost that day, including Bartholomew's

ISS is outnumbered, but afaik immune to any attacks available to ISIS. If it were a pitched battle or a cage fight the space station would lose (that's a lot of quite delicate equipment) but under current conditions, stalemate.

Good one!

Who would win in a fight atop a shingle roof: A roofer with shingles, or a single with roofies?
Depends how wasted they are, but I would go with the roofer, because they work on roofs all the time and have a huge advantage.

10 Binary Computers, or 2 Trinary Computers
tri/ternary has the element of surprise, giving it the advantage. Nobody ever expects tri/ternary.

A rolly chair vs a lounge chair
The swivel (rolly) chair. Everyone knows that you should never stand on a swivel chair, so the lounge chair wouldn't be able to pin it down without violating safety tip number 77. This puts the swivel chair at a distinct advantage.

Who would win: Chuck Norris or Mr. T?
I pity the fool that goes up against Chuck Norris, T takes the L

900 pounds of precision-machined steel or a little fella that runs fast?
The steel happens to be precision-machined into... an armed UAV. Some little guy doesn't stand a chance.

Who would win in a fight: The Neverending Story, or The Song That Doesn't End?
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