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Banned for not knowing that it wasn't on purpose.
Banned for assuming that I cared
Banned for being edgy
^ Banned for the low effort banning
< Banned for mixing up the forum games
v Banned for banding together with Band-Aid to release a bandage emblazoned with bawdy imagery.
banned for tongue-twisting.
Banned for using the word "tongue"
Banned for saying it back.
Banned for being poodonkus
banned for not being poodonkus
banned for using long words that are exceptionally difficult to understand.
banned because poodonkus is a person .-.
Banned for saying R in morse code at the end of your post.
Banned because I prefer 01100010 01101001 01101110 01100001 01110010 01111001

Banned for not knowing me before.
Banned for being a ninja turtle
Banned for not knowing that it's a burglar
banned for not noticing that while you were typing he broke in to your house
Banned for watching his house to see that happen.
Banned for communication with a criminal
Banned for speaking with someone who has ties with a criminal.
Banned for stealing my pasta
Banned for leaving your pasta out
Banned for attempting to justify that which shan't
Banned for talking like Shakespeare.
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