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^ Also might not be
< Is dying of stomach pain.
v Has an actual profile pic. Not blank
^ Yep, its not blank.
< Wants a pizza
v Can tell me what topping they want on their pizza.
^ If i'm eating a meat pizza, I want pepperoni and bacon. If i'm doing a vegetarian pizza, green peppers and onions.
< Now wants a plate of bell peppers to munch on
v Is hopefully going to keep the pizza topping thing going
^Is correct
<Wants Pepperoni and the hottest sauce you can find
vWill probably break the pizza trend
<is sorry
v is sorry about something
^ is not wrong
< does not sleep
v is not human
^is correct
<Is the infusion of a poptart and ham
vis not correct
< is confusion
v is not confusion
^Wrong, as I am not confused
<Manufacturing soda
vIs probably not delbeto
^ Nani? You assumin'?
< Is delbeto
v was assuming this wasn't a post, but it was me, Dio!
^ Is probably drunk
< is sober
v probable sober 2
^ Yep, I am underage
< wants to build my dream desktop
v can tell me the specs of their dream computer
^I'm intelligent, but that much. Sorry :<
< is not a computer electrician
v is not a cipher
↑ Nobody's a cipher, it's called a cryptographer
← Really tired
↓ Not so tired
<is hungry, but not as much as that one time
v wants my pfp to be pyro, even though I can't draw
← Absolutely baffled by incompetence
^ Nope.
< can't draw in this medium even with a reference
v understands
^Damn right
<Can't draw
<Can somewhat draw, now that I learned about the whole "right click" sampler thing
v Recently had their diamonds stolen.
^mind reader
<Brother took my diamonds
v will join my minecwaft sewver
^ aw yeah hmu
< mine diamonds all day every day
v cannot tell if sarcastic
^ Actually?
< Actually?
v Actually?
v Yes?
^No u
<No me
v No u
<jojo reference
v will suggest I put some Jojo in my pfp