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Well that's just great, two deaths in the stadium decreases our property value a whole bunch...
this is the second time I have died, because so I am now a dimension traveler
Well, not yet you aren't. First you gotta get your dimension-hopping license from the Department of Inter-Dimensional Travel and Goat Registration (DIDTGR, or did-tiger. or maybe did-tigger. like from winnie the pooh)
I call a stage reset. The stadium dissolves into a weird digital mist, and reforms back into a stadium, clean and pristine. The ball is 20 ft above the middle. A ladder sits below it. It's a ladder match!
Since the giant steel ball that probably wasn't even the calvinball is gone, I'm forced to haunt something else. I haunt the ladder instead.
Check it i think i can posses things to, i posses rue possessing a ladder
Well now, that's just indecent. You might as well fuck your mother in public!
And kill your father?
What if rue is my mother?
Wait a second... it just occurred to me that the suicide bomber didn't have a reason to make us dance... what possible reason would she have to make us do that?
I use my ghost fist to ghost-punch ghost-guyguy to double-death. Or until he runs away. Whatever comes first.

This is my ladder, asshole.
ghostbusters pops into the field, but no one calls a copyright thing because it is the new one with girls
I for one do not like the new Ghostbusters, so I summon a very powerful poltergeist, using an Alice in Wonderland book. Look out, Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum will f&$# you up.
As the ladder, I fall on the tweedles, unfortunately we're all positioned in such exact positions that they come out unharmed through the spaces between the bars. I'm furious. And you know what happens when you piss off a ghost, right?
what happens? it should come in handy seeing how i am one
Don't you dare, if you do I'm busting out the ghost disperser!
I'm not sure how to anger a ghost, but I try by yelling out random words like "cardboard" and "brontosaurus," trying to find the trigger word.

Thunderclouds start rolling in, striking at random as nearly hurricane-strength winds begin to blow around the field. A horrifyingly loud wailing could be heard, but from no discernible source, as every single loose object in the arena began to float, rapidly spinning in a circle over the playing field.
That's what happens when you piss off a ghost.
I burst through the scoreboard

"I'm back!"

All the points that were scored are now on the ground, up for grabs.

I start flying a stunt kite
The points join the spinning circle, ready to be collected by any brave should who dares interfere, assuming they survive the experience. The current ball moves out from the ring, floating within the center.
The points seem... alive!

A lost-looking goose wanders onto the field.
Wanders too close...
After a few seconds of what can only be described as the sound of pain, the goose is gone, although feathers and the odd piece of meat can be seen floating among the points.
hey should we possibly stay away from those?

wait i have been newly killed! i cant die twice!

I run to it
it turns out you can die twice. a lesson has been learned.
so i am a ghost ghost, the gohstbusters don't know what to do.
Okay, I guess you want me to activate the ghost dispersal machine.

A large grid activates, and all supernatural things stop, Ruerue respawns. In mexico.
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