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the ham mutants are actually now the green lanterns of the cosmos
In brightest day, in blackest night,
No evil shall escape my sight
Let those who worship evil's might,
Beware my power... Ham-Trashman's light!

...This is completely stupid.
agreed. the green lanterns are now protecting the cosmos from Crazyman's regime
Unfortunately, due to a conflict in their leadership, the hamtrash lanterns have what is essentially a civil war, fighting with each other in what will inevitably result in the hamtrash lantern corps splitting in two.
the sad corps and the sadnestro corps
I come in with the hamtart to stop the madness
o hei
But then my stomach growls and I look at the hamtart hungrily and then I take out two slices of bread
Sensing a crime against ham just waiting to happen, the sad corps rush keembear, surrounding him with troops.
Ham are
I stare hungrily at the ham corps
Unfortunately, the Ham Corps only have ham for their souls. And also garbage. They have souls made of ham and garbage and are otherwise normal aliens. They open fire.
They are blocked by a meta speech bubble containing the words "The power to have anyone know instantly if you are purposely trying to deceive them to harm them. So you can't say things like "the universe is infinite" or stuff like that to see if it is true. You also can't say "I killed that man" and have them know instantly it's untrue as a way to prove your innocence."
Did somebody say "meta"? I use my powers to send the lost post back to its own thread.
Regaining my ham powers, I activate a cosmic bomb that wipes out the hamtart abominations. And I give KeemBear an edible ham
You managed to take out the possessed space-cops, but now the various space-governments are after you for the act of genocide you just committed.
I eat the ham
I fix all the world's powers and now the governments bow to me
You are now the anti-ham
A radical space-terrorist assaults killerkeembear, attempting to remove the ham from their stomach to nullify the anti-ham with.
I run before they can take my ham
non pork
yes pork
i rule my ham domain with an iron fist
the iron fist gets rusty and crumbles.
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