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artemis fowl is so amazing!!

no one seems to realize that there are like 8 books in the series
I read all of them. My favorite was the one where he goes to another dimension where time is messed up, i dont remember what one it was.

Has anyone here read Worm? it's a web series that someone made into an audio book podcast.
The only thing I want to listen to right now is pannenkoek's watch for rolling rocks in 0.5 a presses (commentated) video. About 25 minutes of awe and wonder.
I am starting the Artemis Fowl series. And Divergent.
If we're on the subject of books, Agatha Christie's Mystery novels are the best in the genre. I highly recommend "Murder on the Orient Express" or "And Then There Were None".
I completely agree with the Agatha Christie recommendation. Amazing books.
And Then There Were None was badass. I don't have any recommendations but I can say stay away from Madame Bovary.
It seems someone new has graced the basement. An admin, nonetheless.

You may never leave.
Hopping on the book recommendations train -

How to Fight Presidents, by Daniel O'Brien
The Phantom Tollbooth
Born A Crime, by Trevor Noah
All 14 books of the Oz series
The Perks of Being a Wallflower
Fahrenheit 451
The Daily Show (the book)
Thanks for the Money, by Joel McHale
The Golem and the Jinni
Phasma, a Star Wars story
The DEMON series (graphic novels)
The Wicked + The Divine (comic book series)

side note - I am in awe that an admin has posted in Arale's Basement and it still isn't sandboxed
Allllll 14 oz books? They seemed to get a wee bit repetitive after about the 5th or 6th
Find a new place, meet new people, run away from bad people. Happy ending.
Still better than the movies, though.

The phantom toolbooth is a fun one, I wholeheartedly agree with that one.
I have only heard of a few of those. I mostly read fantasy and sci-fi
Wow. I missed a bit
rinkitink is a hottie tho

i read a crazy wide range of things, if you couldn't tell by now
What lol who dat?
Btw, I have a Discord that works now :3
Eyyy! You wanna join the server?
Join us. It has become restless and needs another sacrifice member
i woke up at 1:30
I joined
I finally beat The Legend of Zelda: Minish Cap.
i played part of it, how do you beat the part when you are small and you are in the town at the beginning?
idk, my friend does, though
I fucked up my knee guys, pity me.
ouch, sorry
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