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I'm PRONE to accidents, including myself.
Old bitch like a PRUNE
old bitch is a PRUDE
old bitch got no PRIDE
I'd like to win a PRIZE
Well, you'll pay the PRICE, then.
I prefer CRISPS
I've got the CRIPES now.
hey wasn't it a five letter word?
Well congratulations have some ROSES
Thanks, make sure to mail 'em before the sun RISES.
To the government which is just a series RUSES
Be careful not to light the FUSES.
They might have been FUSED.
That makes me very a-MUSED.
("Mused" by itself is a word.)
These are some pretty crazy MUSES.
It's going to take quite a bit of SUMOS to get over it.
Anyone heard of zero-suit SAMUS?
No, but I have a lot of MASKS.
what about some tasks.
For say, why not SKATE
I wouldn't do it, because I heard the odds are being STACK-ed against us.
Shut it, or I'll SMACK you.
This sounds like another one of those protection SCAMS.
I might need some MACES to protect myself.
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