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Out comes the SEGA Saturn

In goes the fuhrer
Out comes a google search

in goes This
out comes this

In goes a big boi
Out comes a little boi

In goes Stupid Ads!
Out comes Oxiblock, now available for 19.99*

In goes Billy Mays *Only good for 300 ads
Out comes Billy Madison.

In goes a bogroll.
Out comes a sweetroll.

In goes a shitpost.
Out comes... an outpost, what else?

In goes another late night.
Out comes a lackluster sleeping schedule.

In goes cocaine infused meow mix.
out comes a suspiciously large cat

In goes a car crash
Out comes the Globgogabgalab

In goes nightmares
Out comes my 6th grade math teacher

In goes the new books I got
Out comes people being too lazy to read.

In goes JoJo manga books
Out comes a creature of unimaginable horror.

In goes tears of pirates
Out comes swashbuckling onions

In Goes Grandma.
Out comes Grandpa, geez I wonder how that happened...

In goes some form of meta comment
Out comes a hipster costume, complete with fake glasses and red beanie

In goes the ingredients for a perfect Utopian Society.
Out comes a terrible soufle.

In goes the proper spelling of souffle.
out comes grammar nazis before you correct yourself

in goes the most recent spongebob meme
Out comes the first issue of Phrack.

In goes a patent lawsuit brought by Nokia.
Out comes childish responses from Apple.
In goes my pimped out ride.
Out comes a set of 20" fidget spinner rims.

In goes a hi-res photo of those creepy AF polar vortices on Saturn.
Out comes alien cock.

In goes a bad dragon insertable.
Out comes Robot Koch.

In goes a missed deadline.
Out comes being fired with no money

In goes Wattpad
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