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Banned for having fun.
Banned for banning banners.
Banned for trying to make us use pennants, which are dumb, instead of banners.
bant cuz neon signs r best
Banned for not realizing the best way is actually to just hire someone with telepathy to just mentally broadcast your message.
Banned for being a dangerous mutant.
Banned for banning someone who said they hired dangerous mutants, not was one.
Banned for dealing with mutants without being Professor X.
Banned because it is the policy of this organization not to negotiate with mutants.
banned for being complicated
Banned because LIFE is complicated, son.
Banned because it isnt
Banned until you can prove that.
Banned for assuming you can prove anything.
Banned for saying "assuming"
Banned because when you said it, you pronounced it all weird. It's "assuming".
Banned for not pronouncing the invisible, but not silent, Q in assumingq
Aw heyyyll nah, banned because that accent is even worse.
Banned for not pronouncing it accent.
Banned for not saying assent
Banned for being extra
Banned for being Stride.
Banned for not going down a slide.
Banned for going down a slippery slope.
Banned for not paying the fee.
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