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Many things. Because it doesn't limit how many with quantities.

Would you rather eat your arm while it is attached to you, or a chocolate cake.
Chocolate cake for sure.

Would you rather be famous and never have any privacy or be unknown but have all the privacy you want?

Would you rather eat cows or Chicago (it was supposed to be chocolate but autocorrect spoke for me. )

Would you rather have a great zombie shelter but no friends during the apocalypse or a mediocre zombie shelter and your friends during the apocalypse?
A great shelter. More of a chance for humanity to survive.

Would you rather break your phone or your computer?
my phone it dosent work like my computer

would you rather die from a pokemon or from a std
At least the pokemon can lower me to 0 hp in seconds, stds just prolong the inevitable.

would you rather have a sonic clap or sonic scream?
Sonic clap because I could make any concert akwards as hell

Would you rather be a gay trap or a straight gay
I don't even know what that means.

Would you rather sew, or be sewn?
I would rather not be sewn

Would you rather completely embrace laziness, or the alternative
depends on what the alternative is, but probably that.

Would you rather eat a steak, or a stake.
A steak, is there no choice?

Kill or be killed...

By a butter knife.
Kill by a butter knife

Would you rather inhale mustard gas, or exhale mustard gas?
exhale, didn't say anything about it poisoning you.

Exhale plants, or fart plants
Exhale, said nothing about poisoning me

Would you rather listen to the music you forever will hate, or forget about your favorite songs?
I would rather forget about my favorites, because I can always find new ones.

Would you rather weigh less than air, and therefore float gently towards the sky, or weigh 700 pounds while keeping your current size?
Weigh less than air, I'd just wear ankle weights.

Would you rather have to determine whether the last digit of pi is even or odd, or only be able to eat when there is no food around you?
Determine the last digit, I have to eat. |<

Would you rather own a Nintendo with no Extra space or a PS4, XBox One, or PC with no games
I can't pick, so I'll just say "Nintendo".

Would you rather be super hot with no way to cool yourself down, or super cold with no way to warm yourself up? (Assume that both temperatures are way past your comfort zone.)
Supa hot, boiiiii iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

Pose on a Catalac or Like the punk and middle band?
Catalac. because I don't get the reference.

Wld y rthr nly b bl t tlk lk ths, only be able to be communicative with other sentient creatures in a manner regarding this one?
nah, and the reference is the Bangles "Walk like an Egyptian"

Edit: Almost forgot:

Play LoZ: Botw or Every other LoZ game before it
I guess every other game before it?

Would you rather have an electronic device without Wifi, or Wifi without any electronic device?
The first.

Would you rather deliver a pizza to Seymour Asses or I. C. Weiner?
IC Rhymer the best rapper lemme get a pizza btw i wanna dei

Would you rather get a B O N E L E S S P I Z Z A or a P I Z Z A L E S S B O N E
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