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Thanks toad!

I'd like to put my star over my trash if I can.
cool7girl7 gets some Water.
I keep it all for myself...soon I can have my own ocean!!! MWAHAHAHA.

I was looking back at old threads and decided I wanted to play this again. Anyone in?

I've been watching this game for like evarr. Never got to play.

Ooh! Ooh! Pick me!
I'd like to try. I'd even more like to try this IRL with paper cards.
Two players, right.

Game start.

Houndoom draws a card.

 /       Rock      /

Houndoom can place this on any Blank slot or on a Fire or Plant card.
Boom! My blank slot. :)
I wanna cast a spell!
Can I sneak in and make this a 3-handed game?

If not, I'll wait for the next one.
This does look pretty fun
Earth calling Wildface...?
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