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Out comes 50 more.

In goes a Nuka Cola.
Out comes a nuked thread

also macaroni wtf change your icon

in goes fettuccine
out goes fettuccine, this vending machine doesn't accept Italian currency

in goes a yen
Out comes carbonated milk

In goes more weird stuff that's in Japanese vending machines.
Out comes a kitchen sink!

In goes 50 rupees.
out comes an 1up mushroom

in goes the cat guppy
Out comes a dog, who as a human companion has been scientifically more beneficial than a cat

In goes the Bibble
out goes the bible II, the new testament

in goes the bible III, the Qur'an
Out comes Bibble, from those old barbie movies

In goes fungus
out goes the fact that it is among us

in goes my cat who's actually a turtle
Out comes a freak of nature.

In goes an undercover spy.
Out comes his cover, I wonder where the spy went...

In goes a crowbar
Out comes a headcrab.

In goes Half Life 3.
Out comes the concept of nonexistence

In goes Portal 3
out comes half-life 3

in goes headphones
Out comes headbuds

In goes the entire track team
out comes the one chubby kid always in the back

in goes friction
Out comes fanfiction

In goes mai poem
out comes cancer

in goes bad decisions
out comes actual real cancer

In goes egg
Out comes Gru

In goes The crust
Out comes one of those tortilla pizzas.

In goes a Chicago deep dish pizza
Out comes a mess of sauce.

In goes a tomato.
Out comes a mirror.

In goes a late arrival spoiler.
Out comes "I already watched the movie"

In goes A Wrinkle in Time
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