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Granted, but nothing dies.

I wish for X
granted, but you need to solve for y

i wish for z

I wish for Z

I wish for purple
Granted but,

I wish for CRMGYBK color mode to be a thing.
Granted, but it's highly unstable.

I wish for a time machine.
Granted, but it can only travel a nanosecond at a time.

I wish I had the skills to be an artist
Granted, but all art supplies you touch burn up.

I wish that this thread was called: "Make your dreams stay dreams"
granted but no one likes it and it gets changed back

i wish for the power to unscrew any screw at will
Granted, but every bolt and nail stays firmly in place.

I wish (hope) you like my new avatar
granted but we like it ironically

i wish that i could formulate a coherent wish
Granted, but you have to devote some time to thinking about it.

I wish I had a tron disc
granted, but it's a crappy cardboard cosplay thing

i wish for the power to unblock any website
Granted, but they're still restricted

I wish I could cure memes of cancer
Granted, but you can't cure cancer of memes.

I wish for a lawyer.
granted, but the lawyer is a pug in a suit

i wish for a ham master race
Granted, but we're at war with pcek

I wish PC didn't also mean politically correct
granted, it means Pizza Crust... and ONLY pizza crust

i wish for crusty pizza
Granted, it's snot crust.

I wish for the best thing ever.
Granted, but it becomes evil and turns into the worst thing ever.

I wish my knee was healed already.
Granted but it's scars for life

I wish that I wasn't so hungry
Granted but you will always have an underlying fear of being hungry.

I wish my huge project was done.
granted but

i wish
granted but you don't get to have any more wishes

i wish i could actually hang out with my friends
Granted, but you all have to commit arson to different houses

I wish I had a stronger laser
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