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eat pant

Would you rather absorb the entire ocean via drinking with no health repercussions, for 1m dollars, or absorb lake michigan via drinking with health repercussions for 1m dollars.
Ocean I guess. Both would take longer to drink than the human lifespan, so I assume you won't age as well

Would you rather be really good at making music or be able to magically listen to any song.
I can't believe they went with espeon! Umbreon can use psychic too!

Make my own music. It'll sound better.

Kill 20 innocent people or have everyone you love die?
have everyone i love die because I wouldn't be the one killing them

would you rather bomb detroit or bomb the entire nation of North Korea?
Detroit because if i bomb korea ima make a chain reaction and set off like 10 nukes

Would you rather kill this thread or suffer the wrath of never being able to say no u
I'd never say no u because i can still say "nay thee"

would you rather eat ice cream that tastes like ass or ass that tastes like ice cream?
Ice cream flavored ass

Would you rather always feel drowned, or always feel sufficated
Those are the same

Would you rather go through hell for 2 hours or ancient rome forever
hell for 2 hours. I might chat it up with hitler for a while

would you rather have a piñata full of dead babies that tastes like prego or prego that tastes like dead babies
Uh, well prego isn't my favorite, so I'll take dead baby flavor.

Would you rather eat Martin Luther King Jr. or a McDonalds pancake.
Mcdonalds pancake.

Would you rather explain what vore is to a 3 year old, or tell me whether or not it means you like plumbing like I was told it means but am dubious as to that claim and am scared to google it.
Lol, option 2

Would you rather breath in or out?
In, so that I can live.

Would you rather have pancakes or waffles for breakfast? Is it different for lunch or dinner?
Waffles, always, the only exceptions being at IHOP, or when making breakfast burritos with them.

Would you rather like waffles better then pancakes, or be wrong?
obviously no. 1

would you rather sit through boring lectures or slam your tongue in a car door?
The first one.

Would you rather A or B

Would you rather attempt to resist poison with your body alone, or fall down five flights of stairs?
Poison. I literally have a phobia of breaking bones.

Would you rather be a baseball, basketball, or soccer ball?
basketball. I can be

would you rather stab an orphan or watch twilight?
Watch twilight.

Stab an orphan, or stab an orca?
why not both?

would you rather have a deformed nose or deformed genitalia?

Fight a bully, or pursue litigation against a bully?
Fight, I can't lose

Jump or fall into money
Fall into money, Free money.

ALWAYS TALK IN ITALICS or Permanent sarcasm
Sarcasm, duhh. I'm a teenager, have you forgotten?!?

Never dab or never say "yeet"
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