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But I do.

I accuse NP of being rude.
In my defense, there's a fine line between rude and logical

I accuse NP of existential rage
You guys just keep getting under my skin.

I accuse NP of eating my waffles for lunch!

I accuse NP of not eating breakfast for dinner
The first meal you eat is breakfast, and the last meal is dinner, so if you eat one meal then breakfast and dinner occur simultaneously.

I accuse NP of being an NPC
Would you like to rest at our inn? Only 20 GP for a room!


I accuse the NP of being the main antagonist,
Well I am a vampire...

I accuse NP of stealing my flute and playing horribly on it!
Haha, I don't know how flutes work. I almost deepthroated it trying to use it.

I accuse NP of not wanting their flute anymore.
I don't own a flute, and you don't have my ocarina.

I accuse NP of being moderate at snake
My high score is 116.

I accuse NP of drawing smut.
What's smut? (I acutally don't know)

I accuse NP of posting
No, this is showing words on a forum.

I accuse NP of banning good dubstep music from YouTube!
I work for the school, its my job to ban things.

I accuse NP of staying up later than they should.
I only stayed up a second too late.

I accuse NP of using the letter E in their next post.
No, I didn't.
I think NP will though.

NP is ugly, I say.
More beautiful than you.

I accuse NP of not being my friend.
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