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If any of you have played this game, you know how it works! Skip down to How We'll Play. If not, read Rules.
We need at least 6 committed people to play, (counting me) but the more the merrier!

The roles with * by them must be filled. Everything else is optional.

*I am the story teller, or "Moderator."
*The "Mafia" is the killer.
*The "Innocents," or "townspeople," have no special role. This will be the majority of you. You must vote
on who is the Mafia.
The Detective – an Innocent who learns the team of one player every night
*The Doctor – an Innocent may protect a player or him/herself from being killed each night
The Magician – on the side of the Innocents; can choose to kill one person who they suspect is Mafia each night or can save one person from being lynched by signaling to the Moderator; can do each of things only once
The Informant – gets to know who the Mafia is but their identity remains unknown. During the first night cycle, the Moderator lets the Informant see who the Mafia members. The Informant helps the Innocents, but need to do so secretively or is likely to be killed.
*The Lawyer – chooses someone to defend; that person cannot be voted out the following morning
The Bus Driver – can blindly change two player’s roles

The game has two phases; night, when the Mafia might secretly “murder” an innocent, and “day” when Innocents vote to eliminate a Mafiosi suspect. The game ends when the Mafia member(s) are eliminated or there are more Mafia members than Innocents.

How We'll Play
Reply with any letter and I will personally message you a you what character you got! No repeating the letter that the person above you. We will play with one Mafia unless there is a specific request. Let's Play!
Found ya!
Claiming your soul PeachTea
PeachTea said:
Found ya!

your letter... please?
PeachTea said:

thank you!
Macaroni said:

What soul?
This sounds fun. I'm game

I'll play
҂ or T is ҂ doesn't work
And that's 5! Awesome! In this first round, we will play with only required* roles. Let's start!

It is Fall and PeachTea, Stephven, Union, Vampire, and Macaroni all won a free vacation to a haunted house. You all won the online 7-word-essay competition by emailing the judges "I love fedoras, but I love you more." before submitting your essay written about Lucky for all of you, all the judges were easily flattered, over the age of 65, and obsessed with Jazz. Not to mention the words "Just write back "I love fedoras, but I love you more," and you will win!" were typed in white at the bottom of the email you received; You, lucky few, were smart enough to wonder why there was such a large space there. None of you have ever met before. You stand at the entrance of a once- beautiful Victorian house. ONCE- beautiful. Although this house was probably the best one on the block in it's prime, the house had weathered since it's grand 1800's. The rusty orange roof caved in, and so many bricks were missing from the left side that you could see straight through the house to the 2nd floor, witch had missing floorboards.
You feign an exited smile and look around at the other people who also won this trip. They all look as exited as you pretend to be. Maybe everyone else had their stuff together. The surrounding woods probably makes a great place to hike! Maybe everyone else came prepared, knew that this is what the would be staying in, was ready for adventure. Maybe they looked this place up even (witch doesn't sound like such a bad idea now that you think about it.) You don't want to look like a wimp or a stuck-up prissy, so you walk in. The email said the haunted house comes with a week's supply of food. Free food. That's what your staying for.
The email also said the house was haunted by a boy who died of Luechemia, but we will get to that later.
You walk in and the first thing everyone notices is the pile of broken floorboards to your left, illuminated by the hole in the ceiling. You look up and there is mold all over the cling. There isn't any way anyone is going upstairs. You go down. In the cellar there is a freezer and a refrigerator. You guys open the freezer first. It is full of pizza, soft-drinks, lemonade pops, and hot-dogs. Cheep, Simple - to - bake food. Food that keeps for a while. There is no oven. You will have to build a camp fire outside. This is seeming to be more of a camping trip than a vacation. No one wanted to eat like run-away children for a week You can't all live on pizza and hot-dogs for every meal. You all crossed your fingers as you opened the fridge. It is full also, with two jugs of milk, one crate of bottled water, baby carrots, lettuces, cheese, nuts ect. MacandCheese is dissapointed because there is no mac-&chese, witch propts vanpire to look in the shelf above, witch is also full. Peach tea tells everyone that tomorrow salad will be for dinner. A few groan, but most seem happy with this. It is getting late, and you have explored part of your surroundings. "Everyone" falls asleep outside, scared the house will fall over at night if there is strong winds.

[20 miles away, a delivery guy drives in his car for a midnight suprise.
The call said another house would pay, but he must steak in and deliver at night.
He kreeps slowly to the fridge. a dark shadows' hand quickly shoots up and the screen goes black]
Everyone wakes up the next morning, ready to explore their outside surroundings. Stephen wants the group to take a hike in the woods, but Vanpire is more interested in exploring upstairs. Union says it is unsafe upstairs, and the first person who sets foot up there might break their leg! Vanpire desides he will go upstairs himself after breakfast. This makes macaroni worried. Macorni decides to stay inside with Vanpire as a safty percation. Everyone seems to be getting along.
Everyone comes in to the house to get food and sees the delivery guy dead. Panic issues. Maybe the house really is haunted! No one admits to killing anyone. The logical answer for this is that someone here killed the delivery guy while they were half-asleep. You have heard stories from your mother about what sorts of trouble you would get into. You are quite the sleep-walker. Everyone is scared of themselves. breakfast is eaten in silence. Some don't eat at all.

The delivery guy is dead. No one in the thread is dead. Everyone may vote who the Mafia is now. Stephven is protected this round.
Any reason to pinpoint macaroni? Sounds like a guilty conscience!
I claim your soul, and think it's vampire because I have no better reason then their username is an undead creature and we need to blame someone.
If Mac-a-Roni votes itself, the round is a draw and no one is killed. If Mac-n-Cheese does not vote for itself, MacCheese is dead.

MicCheese, if you live, you have some explaining to do.

Edit: wow I really butchered that name.
I vote macaroni because I am offended by his avatar.
BTW my soul belongs to DIAV
I'm going to say peach tree because she is trying to make us all eat salad. That's murder in of itself!

I forgot it follow this tread, my bad. I'm new
Dibs on thou soul
My official vote is macaroni. Because I have a better Avatar.
Can i join?
Pick a random letter, then.
A (If i need to choose a nickname make it alpha)
Purplelover, message alfanewmerik and tell him what he is.
Goddammit. Too late to sign up?
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