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Will probably quickly be moved to either hobbies or sand box, but this is where I thought it fit, ideas for characters, for narrative or for games, that are unplayable by their defining qualities, such as an asthmatic barbarian.
A blind pilot.
A mute singer.
A blind rogue.
A bard with no voice, and no hands.
A nonexistent philosophist
A vampire with Polycythemia vera
A deaf musician
(lol jk)

A lactose intolerant cow
ik it joke .-.

A pacifist soldier
A coulrophobic clown
A flammable firefighter
A robot without a Faraday cage built in who lets out EMPs every minute.
A phone with no buttons whatsoever
Smart phones,

A half minotaur, half mermaid.
Smart phones have power buttons, volume buttons, and the home button(s).

A necromancer that a studies life science.
A clumsy elf.
A skeptic druid?
A skeptic doctor
A zombie coroner
A chaplain of atheism
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