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You can sense people with that power

The power to take other's dibbed souls
All your soul are belong to me.

The power to hum along with the mains.
You can multi task.

The power to know what the previous power meant.
you get a little bit smarter

the power to play very, very soft music out your nostrils and it's always just ska and inaudible
Record it with a very sensitive microphone. Get rich.

The power to completely fill your lungs with concrete at will.
You can scuba dive without all the suits and stuff.

The power to sweat profusely - and ONLY profusely - at will.
useful for waterbenders..

the power to be a pencilbender
You can have a son and tell people you were both in the music video of all star by smash mouth

Or you can magically fling pencils at people

The power to move a gram of water or less about a foot at a time telekinetically
No delay, so move an ocean nigh instantaneously.

The power to make an omelette and not have to break a few eggs.
Save on eggs.

The power to literally make your own heart skip a beat.
Automatic adrenaline rush.

The power to blurt Eminem songs ONLY during class and with the volume knob cranked to 11.
With the arbitrary knob on 11, it's about 44093 Db, probably enough to shatter the crust of the earth

The power to audibly sweat. You can hear it.
Maybe it sounds nasty and you could make money at a haunted house.

The power to make your organs diseased at will (but not cured).
You can give yourself the easiest treatable cancer and legally smoke weed :^)

The power to combine containers to make them bigger
Computer folders are containers, as are stomachs, and planets, combine all three.

The power to know what would happen if you took that advice.
I could know some cool stuff...

The power of telekinesis, but only for individual atoms
Combine them and make molecules.

The power to digest nuclear bombs, but only if they are within a nanosecond of detonating.
A last resort for the bomb squad.

The power to talk exactly like Scooby doo, but only during sex.
Im sure someone finds that attractive

^has an orange dot as of now

The power to throw up at will
Get out of situations when you want to.

The power to sue rocks.
get lots of money for it!

the power to magically generate one broken pencil grippy every 2 decades
Helps if you don't have very good handwriting

The power to millions of Mailinator accounts
You'll be able to be that "I know a guy" person. For lots of money, of course.

The power to burst your eardrums but still be able to hear.
You get a "Get out of this situation" free card.

The power to make spiders immortal
Pets. Friends.

The power to digest immortal spiders, and nothing else.
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