ForumForum Games ► <^v
^I saw
<fires in spurts
v bigger faster stronger too
^ i dont get it
< still trying to figure out what the egg backwards is
v will tell me (please)
egg -->gay

^will be pleased to know this
<over and under the radar at the same time
vis not on a school computer
^ F A L S E
< is on a school computer
v is also on school computer
< is on a laptop at home
v Has a better computer than me
v noice
^ mad a triple doohickey
< not sue what is talking about
v likes cake
^Y E S
< saw a yoda joke
v has seen the toy yoda joke
^ No
< noi
v noice
<can't use wattpad
v does not know what wattpad is
^ Incorrect I have one.

< Is making a story on wattpad currently.

v Person
^Oh cool, what's your wattpad?
<is on a library computer now
v is not on a school computer
^will never know whether or not he/she is correct
< Has not played fortnite
v should die if played fortnite before
<Has not
<has not played Fortnite, and never will
v has
<Is posting their last post until reincarnation
vIs ready for this change

I was waiting until my 2222nd post lol
^Ah. Alright. See you in the next life!
<is now awaiting Hamtart's return
v is also awaiting his return
^ wut
< missed my 999 post
v also did
<is bored beyond belief
v is also bored with no ideas in mind
<has a project due tomorrow with absolutely no progress but doesn't care
v not a procrastinator
↑ Is a bad judge of character, big procrastinator
← has a new R.A.T. 7 mouse
↓ Is mildly impressed with my new peripheral
^Is correct, and has made < wonder how a rat could be a mouse
<Has reincarnated into a less cancerous account
vFeels like I should better decorate my icon
^Yes. I think some tiny hamtarts around it works
<is having a date tomorrow
v wonders about something in their lives
^ Is correct, but I won't say what
< Is upset because their entire site broke due to a challenge to not use SQL and instead use .txt files, and now they have to rewrite ALL THE PHP!
v Probably doesn't care

But YOU are getting closer!
^ Wait wut?

< Confused

v Not confused