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Fail to fall when stepping off a building.

The ability to tear a phonebook in half.
Become a strongman with only one trick!

The ability to only come up with bad insults.
A new style of comedy.

The ability to wink with both eyes simultaneously.
Being able to continuously flunk kindergarten and be bros with all the six-year-olds forever.

The power to fart with a whoopee cushion noise, but only your mother-in-law can hear it.
Torment your mother in law

The power to get the black death
You get the very last noncontagious case ever, and are considered a hero for ridding the rest of the world of the black death.

The power to picture anyone in the room as Mike Wazowski.
make people laugh

the ability to make a human sized chair
that's not much of a superpower

the power to always smell filthy even if you bathe
You can make villains kill themselves

The power to summon an atom of a hamburger every 24 hours
You can make Einstein roll in his grave

The ability to make any program named "universe.exe" stop working
just rename computer viruses and presto.

The power to know if a computer virus was programmed before the 11th century.
Know about really old programmers.

The uncontrollable ability to always do autotuned singing when talking about grave subjects.
you would be very entertaining as a news host

The power to lower any of your devices to 1% battery
Take out nukes.

The power to know if there was asparagus in a treasure chest a thousand years ago.
Find "Antique Asparagus"

The ability to shoot water out of your eye sockets at 20 PSI, but it blows out your eyes.
You could get a world record for highest pressure of water shot out of the eyeballs.

The power to disassemble Ikea products.
Great if you need to move and want to take an Ikea product.

The power to make any person fall in love with you, but only after they die.

The power to redact the previous post.

The power to not burn your eyes out when staring at the sun.
beautiful photographic sunset memories

The ability to click on any link but still get rickrolled
you become the biggest meme

the power to pop a pimple of someone on earth every day randomly
Be a villain who causes pimple scars

The ability to make bananas spontaneously grow flowers.
Free flowers!

The ability to completely desiccate your own toes.
A setup for a medical malpractice suit.

The ability to look exactly like yourself.
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