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I'll make out with any salamis, I'll enjoy my punishment.

Would you rather be forced to complete every game in the Metroid franchise in chronological order and you can't eat until you're done, or eat 50 salamis but you can't eat anything else until you're done?
i'll blend those salami sonofabitches into a protein shake and drink them like a milkshake

would you rather stick 50 tiny fish in your ass, or be stuck in a fish's ass?
Salami is meat. So I would multi task and eat them.

Eat a hog, or a bog?
Stephen, I can't even describe how you got ninja'd so bad. Also, The cult of ham has been at war with the salami's for longer than time can remember.

Would you rather be a jew at their time of genocide or tutsi at their time of genocide?
a jew. At least they got rescued after a while

would you rather fish or chips?
I would rather chip

Would thou rather pour time and effort into completing this or this

would you rather get an ice pick to the eye or the genitals?
An Ice pick isn't designed to break through steel, so the latter

Would you rather erase your icon or go back in time and erase hillary's emails
Icon I could always redraw it later

Would you rather this or that?

Would you rather die or live

Would you rather be buried alive or thrown into the ocean in a small shipping crate?
burned alive cause i'm used to being roasted

would you rather be forced into the form of an animal (your choice) or be tortured forever (your choice of torture, must hurt)
Tortured forever via being ripped open.

Would you rather have an asphyxiation kink or a drowning/waterboarding kink (yes it's a thing I just looked it up)
Just count this as ambivalence, since both are equally dumb and dangerous, and it doesn't really matter if you eat a meat pie filled with spiders or a fruit pie filled with spiders.

Would you rather eat a meat pie filled with spiders or a fruit pie filled with spiders?
Well, a fruit pie might be sweet enough to make me forget I am eating spiders, so fruit pie.

Would you rather work fast food or on a dairy farm?
dairy farm, get stronk.

Get Stronk, or Rpiped?
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