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banned for saying a big word thst my tiny bear brain doesn't understand
you ban for word more then four
Banned because thee refused deployment about words that contain greater than four letters, additionally thee used words containing less than four letters.

That was incredibly hard
Banned for Impressing me regarding word length, but failing to alternate longer followed by shorter letter quantities.
U to ban that cause haven't ascends equaling indicated previously.
banned without a milkshake
Banned with a Milkshake
Banned with whipped cream and a cherry
Banned for I don't like that on my ice cream.
Banned because I only eat sherbet/sorbet
Banned for eating.
Banned for banning someone for no good reason
Banned for no good reason.
Banned for a good reason
Banned because I said so.
Banned for loitering
Banned for littering
Banned for false accusations
Banned for the attempted undermining of credibility.
Banned for not providing sufficient evidence to back up your positive claim which bears the responsibility of proof
Banned because This is the internet & TLDR
Banned for not knowing basic debate principles
Banned because you assumed that I don't know them, not that I'm just reeeeallly tired and I don't want to use them.
Banned for making excuses.
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