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^ -_-
^Don't feel sad
^ ._.
^usually doesn't get the references I make
/\Feels the same way as I do.
^They do
^ orange and black pfp
/\ is correct.
^ Verbose
^ Verboten

(also, why are we speaking Dutch, German, or Flemish all of a sudden?)
^ °^°
^is surprised I'm back after so long
^ Huh?
^^will most likely not have a very long hiatus ever
^will probably never have a hiatus
<have hiatus-ed a couple times spanning a couple months
^ made me look up the past tense of hiatus.
^Has likely found evidence of the past tense of hiatus
/\Makes me curious about the past tense of hiatus.
^ is being informed that I looked it up and couldn't find it.
/\is being informed I didn't look it up.
^has not found information.
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