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give it a lil bite cuz it a S N A C K

when life gives you special ed kids,
Make combustible lemons.

When life gives you fod.
eat the golf

when life gives you helicopters..a
Make it into an autogyro

When life gives you cynics..
Eat them.

When life gives you a large prison sentence...
Use the back space button.

when life terns offf youur spell chekc..
sue apple

when life gives you macarroni
Eat the Cheese™
when life gives you a bifurcated post....
Don't post anything at all
When life gives you excessive whippings...
Wait till morale improves.

When life gives you soem carsd...
tae eht flog

when life gives you sneeze
Just do it on the person next to you

When life gives the Bubonic Plague
Become the plaguebringer goliath

When live gives you cosmic bui
Be cosmic bui

When life excuses your doubleposts
doublepost about lemonade

when life gives you volume of a pear...
Mute the stereo.

WHen life gives you lAme hidden signaLs and mEssageS..
Go whaling.

When life gives you a dead ambassador.
Start world war one.

When life gives you someone using ambassador and archduke interchangeably..
Refuse them the throne.

When life gives you an heir and a spare
congratulate them on their bowling.

reply in all lowercase, so they don't assume you're screaming.

When life gives you anxiety issues...
eat some food.

When life gives you worthless answers.
Ask pointless questions

When life holds you at gunpoint.

Wehn lfie gveis you dseylix,
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