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Granted, and it's beyond perfect.

I wish for a lemon.
Granted: It has the perfect flavor.

I wish for no lag
Granted, it's freaking amazing

I wish my phone service was working
Granted, and it works better than anyone else's

I wish I knew how to program in every conceivable language
granted, you are now programming in spanglish

i wish that i had more filament for my 3d printer
Granted, you have another 3d printer as well

I wish I could eat a gourmet meal prepared by gordon freeman
granted its for breakfast lunch and diner every day

i wish for a super power
Granted, you are given the infinity gauntlet

I wish I had a sandwich
Granted, it has all the right ingredients.

I wish for better gaming skill.
Granted, you are on par with gaming legends

I wish I was on Discord more
Granted, you have the ability to lengthen deadlines so you have infinite free time.

I wish for strikethrough
granted, and italics

I wish for magic telekinesis pencil
granted, it does your chores for you as well as your homework

i wish for a automatic lawn mower
Granted, it just runs. No gas, no electric, no nothing.

I wish I could order right
Granted, and you always end up ordering the best possible thing for you to order at that moment.

I wish for two lemons.
Granted and they come with knives.

I wish for deja vu.
Granted, it's the trippiest deja vu ever. (don't know if that's a good thing 😬)

I wish Skrillex made a new, clean song.
Granted, it's just as popular as his other tracks

I wish I could wake up properly
Granted, but you have to start sleeping sooner

I wish I had psychic thoughts
Granted, they're from all the people around you

I wish I could have worn a better suit to the graduation
Granted: it's the perfect suit
^^ yeah i know but this is not corrupt a wish. wrong thread.

I wish i was rickrolled.
Granted, the video you got rickrolled for wasn't anything you actually wanted

I wish I could watch my anime
Granted and you can watch it without a device.

I wish I had money
Granted, you have a Stand that generates 1000 in your pocket at all times

I wish I met Queen
Granted you meet the queen of england

I wish for a corrupted wish
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