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^ probably copied and pasted that
< couldn't read what the last post said
v could probably translate it
^ can type backwards but not like this
< can type like this
(EDIT vv) just decoded this

^Cant read backwords and upside down at once
vIs not a can
^correct about that assumption.
<is excited for summer
v will not work this summer
^ False
<'s father is a millwright and therefore is forced to do manual labor
v Doesn't like to cut down trees with a standard axe
^I don't cut trees
< Doesn't cut trees
v does not cut trees
^ Correct
< Is watching the minutes tick away until they get to leave school early for a local theatre photo shoot.
v Has already sold their soul to someone
< Is having Burger King
v is aware that I am merely giving updates of my life
^ Correct
< Enjoys cutting down trees with a double edged axe
v Does not
^ Incorrect I am the butch buff girls.

< Is butch

v not butch
^ Correct
< Has fond memories of when they only knew one programming language and didn't mix up the functions and syntax between languages
v Shares similar memories.
^posted the exact same second as me
<is slightly aroused for absolutely no reason
v will one day join
^ is offering a link i refuse to click
< Is going to go do some chores
v wasn't given an allowance as a kid
^maybe correct
<is still a kid...?
vis not a kid...?
<Is an adolescent
v is still in school
← Still stuck doing shit at school though
↓ Will laugh at my lack of fortune
^Nah. I get that, man.
<Graduates today (from middle school)
v does not end the current school year for a few more weeks
^ if you count 3 days
< finishes this year on birthday
v not so lucky
^ is not lucky because he has to be in school on his birthday
< graduates from homeschooling on Tuesday but doesn't get a ceremony just a diploma in the mail
v is willing to name the kinkiest book they have read
^50 shades of Grey. Just picked that bad boy up from Goodwill
<Has read 50 shades
v has considered reading or watching 50 shades, but has not
^ Wrong. I read the books and saw the movies with my ex.

< Is more bored than a stiff board.

v Is also more bored than a stiff board.
^Yes. Would you like to PM?
< Is still bored stiff
v is bored stiff beyond belief
^ correct

< Has whooping cough

v Does not
^Oh. I'm sorry
<Is not sick
v is
^ Correct. Are you psychic?

< Is tired

v Possibly psychic
<Is now a bit worried for TC
v is likely tc