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I took my friends to the barber to get new TRIMS yesterday.
It's one place you can see a bishop without his MITRE, too.
I got in a fight with my barber about whether or not it was spelled METER or METRE
My barber only asked me if I liked METRO:2033
Is that going to b a new TROPE?
Perhaps we should invent something as creative as a SPORK
Don't SPANK people, its gross.
I am getting a little PORKY in the cheeks.
I'm so DORKY
Don't be DORKS.
Cut out the DROSS altogether if you can.
Why did the chicken CROSS the road?
I think he was hoping to SCORE.
oooooowwwww!!! I SCOPE-d myself
Tsk, tsk. Poor form.

*POKES #vampireflautist *
But now your car ran over a SPIKE.

I guess I'll have to PRISE it loose.

I win a PRIZE.
How do you win a prize if you're the PRIME suspect for a murder? In a campsite? In the woods?
Deny the CRIME of course.
After denying the crime, enjoy a nice bowl of peaches and CREAM!
Can't think of a lead-in, so CRATE.
Perhaps you need someone to TEACH you?
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