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^Yes. Double Dash is trash.
< Does not care about Double Dash
v will hate on me, even though I will ignore it
<Ready to resort to violence
vHas not played the original mario kart
^I have
<Has played nearly all of them at least once
v has tried to play nearly all of them at least once
<Prefers the gamecube over any other console tbh
vHas never played any of the Metroid Prime series
^Prime 2.
<Dislikes the Gamecube
^ is no longer allowed to talk
< wants to die
v probably listens to ska music
^ No clue what that is
< Got a great "Don't Drink a Derive" Joke Calculus pencil
v Doesn't get that joke.
^I don't, could you explain?
<is now in the library once again
v is not on a public computer
< On mobile
v not on mobile
^Is on mobile
<Is on mobile
v does not have a browser with flash enabled on mobile
^ Is correct.

< Is really down in the dumps.

v Will empathize with me.
/\ Is also correct
< Familiar with the dumps
\/ Usually fairly happy.
^only my icon is
<is a happy face icon
v probably understands all of us
/\ incorrect

< Thinks humans are weird

\/ Somewhat alienated.
<Is now concerned for TC
v is likely not TC
^worried about tc
< says "they were on two days ago so maybe they're alright? :///"
v might not be tc
^ Is incorrect

< Is still very very down in the dumps. (please don't worry though I will be fine)

v Will likely worry anyway.
^ Is wrong I do care
< Is hungry, and almost done with work, so I can finally go home and see my beautiful wife and dogs
v Is the worlds best person who acts like that person.
^ has dogs
< Wants to know what kind of dogs ^ has
v isn't allergic to any kind of animal
<is currently having an extitential crisis at only 14
v is not and should not be worries
^is partially correct and incorrect. I constantly worry that my knee will dislocate. I probably shouldn't worry.
<is currently at a family reunion and doesn't know how to do the downward arrow
↓is intrigued how I used this arrow instead
*Arrow up* Yes.
*Arrow to the left* My keyboard was modified to contain Spanish characters, thus is missing some symbols
v is currently on a normal keyboard
^ might realise one day that the purpose of existing is simply to exist. I have a friend who says he was facing it and eventually came to the conclusion the point of existing is simply to exist
< can pass math
v is on mobile
^is correct. A Kindle.
<just realized that the downward arrow is a v.
v should listen to Zomboy - Organ Donor
^likes dubstep
< Has mixed feelings about dubstep
v is 7 years old