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Ur mom deeply offends you.
I have trained in the arts of Youtube commenting and bad retorts
I accuse the NP of creating a double triple secret probation sub-sub-sub-sub-sub-subplot in their spicy "Paw Patrol x Super Wholock" fanfic.
my friend tricked me into reading a nsfw fanfiction once. I don't like fanfiction

i accuse NP of knowing me IRL
wut duz irl meen?

I accuse the NP of losing their left hand so only their right hand is left, thereby creating a contradiction!
I have both my hands...

I accuse NP of accusing the NP after that.
i can't think for more than 2 seconds into the future

i accuse PN of eating my beans
I'm the NP, not the PN.

That is blatantly false.

I accuse NP of being simpleminded
Me is not that.

I accuse NP of being just generally unpleasant.
You can thank my younger twin brothers for that.

I accuse NP of failing 1st grade level math while in college.
I'm not stupid, I know 1+1=3

I blame NP of not having have had heard of differential calculus before. (wow 4 hs in a row i think i used them wrong)
Bruh differential calculus is usually the first calculus you learn. You just differentiate. d/dx (x^3 + 5/3x + e^x) = 3x^2 - 5/x^2 + e^x. That's high school.
Differential equations, on the other hand, is more advanced calculus stuff that I took two years ago, because I'm an engineering major. Bane of my existence.

I accuse NP of liking ska music. Recommended sentence is death.
What's ska music?

I accuse NP of committing arson, with the sentence of 5 years in Jail.
I'm not a pyromaniac, unlike someone

I accuse NP of having not heard this song before.
In my defense, it is not my type of music.

I accuse NP of killing innocent kittens for amusement.
The kittens ate my pet birds.

I accuse the NP of listening to Justin Timberlake!
Not voluntarily. Only because I have ears.

I accuse NP of always being extremely hipocritical
no im not
i accuse NP of being a guyguy
I'm only one guy, not two.

I accuse np of being someone who has posted on this forum before.
Well some guy let his kittens eat my pet birds and some weirdo with ears was listening to Justin Timberlake!

I accuse the NP of watching “Trolls”.
Hello darkness my old friend, I've come to talk with you again.

I accuse the
the NP of reading
this wrong.
You failed. I saw both of those "the"s.

I accuse np of doing stuff on the dark web.
I can’t code nor do I have money so how do I do stuff on the dark web?

I accuse the NP of peeing on my mailbox.
That was not me, that was Umbreon.
( "bad umbreon. what did I tell you about seeing on others' property?" )

I accuse np of replying to this accusation.
I must do, what I must do.

I accuse the np of watching Barbie movies.
I honestly think "Barbie and the 3 Musketeers" should go down in cinema history and be hailed as a masterpiece, just like "The Room" and "The Emoji Movie"

I don't not accuse the NP of not stopping letting people not use double negatives incorrectly.
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