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Banned for not being such a pi-hink gu-hy
Banned for not understanding klingon perfectly
Banned for not capitalizing Klingon.
Banned for being a Grammar Nazi.
banned for being attacked by king dedede
band fur haaving the tayrubbel nayme
Banned for being a hypocrite

My name is cool
Banned for posting an opinion.
Banned for not posting a pin-up.
Banned because of the impossibility of your pfp.
Banned for faking a war wound.
Banned for making things up about me that you don't know.
Banned for posting at the same time as me.
Banned for having three dots at the time of this post.
Banned for assuming I had three dots from being gone from this website for three months.
Banned for making up slander about me.
Banned for accusations of slander.
banned for abstract art on his/her icon.
Banned for assuming someone's icon
Banned for having an icon depicting someone working on holiday.
Banned for assuming computers = work
banned for not specifying the purple-blue blob on the right was a computer (looked like a brochure to me)
Banned for nitpicking other profiles.
Banned for having the blue dot.
Banned because the dot is actually green.
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