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Out comes a syllabary.

In goes a character.
Out goes China.

In goes a country.
Out comes wars and a planet with world peace

In goes a planet
Out comes a sun.

In goes a son.
Out comes the mother

In goes the mother of god
Out come the Jesus and Mary chain.

In goes a hit.
Out comes a sheet paper with some lines and dots on them.

In goes some velociraptor.
Out come the DinoBurger franchise - eat or be eaten!

In goes a slogan generator.
Out comes a logo creator.

In goes
Out come Ted "Theodore" Logan and Bill S Preston, esq.

In goes a school report.
Out comes a Letter.

In goes a sheet of paper with some writing on it。
Out comes literature.

In goes a can of beer
out comes a bottle of beer

in goes my idea for a new watch -->

EDIT: while writing this someone else posted and i was late (original OUT was out comes a piece of paper i write stuff on when i randomly think of something weird while trying to sleep)
Out comes a new trend (sorry guyguy)

in goes depression
Out goes extension

In goes a hill.
out comes a mountain

In goes the rockies
Out comes rocky road.

In goes Pokémon
Out comes

In goes Wikipedia, the free Encyclopedia
Out comes the vast store of all human knowledge.

In goes a pencil.
Out comes a pen

In goes the will to text an ex you're still friends with after a year or so
Out comes the overly attached girlfriend meme

In goes KFC
out comes chinese KFC bootlegs

In goes chinese bootlegs
Out comes a boot, with the word CHINA written on the inside.

In goes a pack of sour candy
Out comes sweet candy.

In goes life
Out comes death.

In goes the Grimest of Reapers
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