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Granted, but you still have finite amounts of skin. When you are on something that has a high surface area , your skin would be ripped apart. It also isn’t a wish.

I wish that ‘Chotano had wished for an actual wish.
Granted, but you can't understand it and say it is fake nonetheless.

I wish my Kindle had more storage space.
Granted, your kindle is a cardboard box.

I wish to die
Granted, but you go to hell.

I wish that someone would start an intro thread in the intro section and I was the first to it.
Granted, but the thread spirals into chaos and starts talking about pedophilia, and since you were the first one replying to the thread everyone thinks you’re now a pedophile.

I wish that I would never have to use the bathroom again.
Granted, but you still have to defecate and urinate, you are just forbidden from entering a bathroom

I wish I could kill myself and the revive myself

I wish that ‘Chotano had wished for an actual wish.

Sorry, thought this was ruin a superpower
But you revive weaker each time you kill yourself.

I wish people listened to actual music
Granted, but none of them know that anyone else likes the music they do so they pretend to belittle it and you will Never Know.

I wish I was in a happy healthy relationship which I could emotionally handle.
Granted, but you prefer to bounce around a little and quickly bore of the relationship.

I wish for cookies. LOTS AND LOTS OF COOKIES!!!!!!!
Granted, your hard disk certainly wished demands that you unwish your wish for cookies because your drive is full.

I wish for fish and chips.
Granted, but it's microscopic.

I wish that I *cue the Timmy Turner voice* had fairy godparents!
Granted, but like the show, all the wishes end up in disaster.

I wish that I could know time.
Granted. You know time, as a cohesive force in our universe, and the concepts that comes from knowing it drive you insane.

I wish I had the power to speak to Crows.
Granted, but you soon realize that crows are not as intelligent as ravens and everytime you see ravens doing human stuff you regret listing the wrong bird in your wish.

I wish I could speak and understand ravens.
Granted, but you realize that they only say put downs and insults.

I wish I invented a way to talk to any animal.
But you soon realize that all animals only communicate in put-downs and insults, not just ravens.

I wish that “Despacito” never existed.
Granted, but the chain reaction makes you the next Hitler.

I wish for me to not be the next Hartler.
But if you aren't the next Hitler, then technology (and humanity) doesn't move forward because nothing moves technology and medicine like a World War.

I wish I could make enough money to move out of my parent's house.
Granted, but all that money is in Philippine pesos.

I wish I was a boogieman.
Granted, you're a man made of boogies.

I wish I could make more convincing arguments when debating as Devil's Advocate.
granted. but still nobody is on your side

i wish i was rich
Granted. However, you had to commit tax fraud.

I wish for 100,000 USD, in unmarked, non-sequential bills.
Granted, but they were stolen from bill gates and now he is coming for you...

I wish for a way to turn into a wolf
Granted, it doesn't work on you.

I wish for Weegee
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