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I am Guy.
So anyone want to throw around accusations first, or do we just let first blood get drawn?

quick question, do we get to know the roles playing in the game?
I think Mathy kinda did on the change one letter thread
ok: 2 civilians, 1 mafia, 1 detective, and 1 healer
Heh, yeah I did. More of a reference than an accusation. We probably should wait, but that accusation would probably get me killed.
Healer, im feeling unlucky. Can you heal Guy this time?
Ok, so everyone has submitted. I will post the story on 7/10.
did you want to join? (BTW I might need to postpone it until 7/13 when summer school ends)
no, sorry, just reminding you that you said you would update the story today.
Don't rush him, I want the story to be good
Day 1.

As Mathy wakes up in the morning, he notices that everyone is out of the tent already, gathered around something. As he moves closer, the item becomes clear: it is Guy's dead body. He was wet, and had stab marks on him. The wolf looks around. "I think I know who did this, but I can't be sure. The water covered up the smell of the murderer very well. Why not talk amongst yourselves? You know each other better than I do, so you may know the culprit."

Vote on here: voting link
Dang it. Why guy? Why didn't the mafia target vampireflutist...

For reasons unspecified.

Also, would we know the roles of the dead?
(aka i'm going to make very obvious hints)
Welp that unlucky. Guess i'll just haunt the rest of you guys

Why'd you wake up later than the rest of us, Mathy?
I was..... busy last night.

Why did Guy have to die! Why choose him!
Busy... killing Guy?
No, doing.... other stuff. Stuff that I am not allowed to say based on the rules.
What rules? We're on a camping trip.
There are supernatural forces at play restricting our speech
Thats fair
Guy? Are you back from the dead?
Nope. Im a ghost. Oooooo
Pretty sure im still dead
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