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^is incorrect
<is 2*7 years old
v missed by birthday, which was about 2 weeks ago
^Yeah, I did. Happy late birthday
<Is currently awake at 5 in the morning central time.
v is not getting enough sleep often times
^ True
< Works a lot and misses his friends
v Is almost 2 in. tall
^ Is correct if they are talking about the fingers that typed this and three inches is almost two inches
< Is tired
v Will probably offer some advice like "go to sleep"
^ Is/was sleepy
< Would sell you to Satan for one corn chip
v Ran with scissors once or several times
^is incorrect
<is a boy scout
v is not a boy scout
^Is wrong
<Is an Eagle Scout
v Is not an Eagle Scout
^ Boy scout lel
< Is an eternal scout
v Is thicc
^is wrong
<is skinny as heck
v is not as skinny as I am
^is wrong
<is skinny as heck
v is not as skinny as I am
^ Is comparing sizes, which is not nice

< Has probably never met you, and so cannot compare how thin they are, but will agree ..... for now

v Read "comparing sizes" on the front page and that's why they're here.
^is incorrect
<follows this thread
v forgot to follow this thread.
^ following the thread
< Also following the thread
v likes bees
^ Yes, why does nobody understand that they're not hostile until you're hostile
< Understands that fact
v Knows that fact, but still sees them as murder bugs with wings.
^ They're bees not wasps
< Is scared of wasps
v Likes honey
<Is Stayin' alive in 90°F weather
v is as well
^ Rip my guy and it's 5:15 am where I am so not atm
< Was woken up by a storm and can't fall back asleep
v Likes storms when they don't interrupt their sleep time
^ Is correct
< Thinks rain at night on asphalt illuminated by streetlights is actually beautiful, one of my favorite things to take pictures of.
v Also takes pictures, but of something else
^ A photographer of sorts?
< Dislikes taking pictures of anything
v Has a camera separate from their phone
^ Is correct
< It's a $5.50 camera, but it works
v Likes Chinese Food
^is Correct
<should work on her summer AP English homework
√ is wondering Why i used a different symbol
^ Yes
< Wonders what the square root of "wonders why I used a different signal is"
v Is having a rough day
^ is wrong
< wants to be the only one on the Welcome page under 'recent forum Posts, but its hard to Keep up
\/ will ruin my streak
^ Yes
< Updates about six threads at a time by adding to them
v Only joined twocans for the forum games.
All recent forum Posts have been posted by me.

And i revive nothing. Dissapointing. Thought id get a collorfull Dot thing.