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Banned for being colorblind. THE DOT IS CLEARLY BLUE!
Banned for yelling at the new member.
Banned for assuming someone was screaming
banned for killing my joy
Banned for having killable joy.
Banned for not having killable joy.
Banned for being a killer of joy.
Banned for killing
Banned for being vague in describing what I killed.
Banned for being specific in why they banned
Banned for being a hypocrite in matters of specificity.
banned for banning based on why the above was banned
Banned for making my head hurt
Banned for bringing personal problems to work.
Banned for keeping this forum alive.
Banned for implying this forum should die
Banned for being the post above my final post.

To all those that were around all that time ago...

Thanks, and goodbye.
See ya!

Banned for leaving TwoCans
Banned for not throwing a party for Inhumac
Banned because you weren't invited, that's why you didn't hear about it.
Banned for ruining my Two Cans & a string homepage streak in witch every comment displayed on the Welcome screen under Recent Forum Posts is posted by me
Banned because TL;DR
Banned for using code that I dont understand
Banned for not understanding slang for "Too Long; Didn't Read"
Banned for using slang that people are unfamiliar with, including me.
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