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I live in the cowboy state. There's nothing I can do.

I accuse np of watching anime until 5:00am.
I don’t know what you’re saying, why don’t you speak clearly

I accuse the np of being Jake Paul
That is clearly false.

I accuse np of having low self-esteem.
You're right. I'm sorry I clogged up this forum with my stupid posts. Shucks, I'm so terrible. I should just leave. But I guess I need to blame someone, so I sorta accuse the NP of not realizing the YMCA song is secretly about gays finding other gays at the YMCA.

Oh, yeah, sorry. I forgot an exclamation mark, shucks, I'm so terrible. I'm so sorry about this. Sorry.

I'm too innocent to realize that. Like how we used to think "ring around the rosie" was a sweet song/dance.

I accuse np of not knowing how to respond to this without sounding like a total weirdo.
You offend me!

I accuse the np of singing about ants.
You misheard. I was listening to a song about ants, and the lead singer sounded remarkably like me.

I accuse np of stealing from the cookie jar.
"I don't eat cookies, only little kids"-Jake Paul in my dreams

I accuse the np of hating Earth, wind, and fire.
I'm sorry! I'm a Waterbender!

I accuse the NP of knowing their Hogwarts house!
according to pottermore, it's ravenclaw.

I accuse np of not being someone other than me
Yes, I am the voice in your head. Congrats.

I accuse np of setting fire to a Romanian orphanage.
i thought it was Russian

i accuse NP of eating my bagel
It was a donut. Much better than a bagel.

I accuse np of bringing "Despacito" into the world.
I hate that shit

I accuse the np of putting Earth, Wind, and Fire’s September on “Trolls” (no waterbender jokes please)
¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I thought it'd be funny

I accuse NP of stealing my concert tickets.
I was the one who gave them to you in the first place...

I accuse NP of denying having done this.
No I haven't!

I accuse the NP of intentionally unintentionally doing something!
That's paradoxical, therefore it is impossible

I accuse NP of understanding paradoxes.
Everything I say is false, so how can that be?

I accuse the NP of having a broken caps lock.

I accuse NP of reading the above statement with a loud voice in their heads.
I've seen the meme too many times lol

I accuse np of staying up til 3 am watching vine compilations
I was depressed because of your scandal involving Earth, Wind, and Fire!

I accuse the np of not seeing his wife in seventy seven years.
I don't have a wife

I accuse the NP of being in a status!

I accuse the np of playing minecraft.
Nah, just Roblox for me, dude.

I accuse the NP of not putting up their pinky when drinking tea!
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