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You may not feel heat or be injured, but you still have a sense of pain, which scientifically is separate from being injured.

The power to みくみくにしてあげる
But that’s because you are made of fire and you burn everything and people are after you armed with fire extinguishers.

Ironman’s “powers” :P
You become cocky and die.

The power to manipulate reality to your will
Others don't like it and rebel.

The power to sing nicely
The autotune nerds assasinate you because you’re threatening their job.

The ability to jam autotune programs.
You'd put most of the popular singers today out of business, which means you have a lot of rich, powerful people after you.

The power to remember where you put things.
Only the things you know you will never need. now where did my nail clippings go?

The power to link websites
Only websites that are illegal.


The power to coexist peacefully with others who don't share the same political views.
The people who do share the same political views see you as a traitor and decide to kill you.

The power to talk to animals.
you can only talk to them in cusswords.

The power to sing perfect falsetto AND put a HUGE toad in every pop stars' throats when you do so.
Because of the other's sudden lack of talent, you're now a new extremely popular pop star, which leads to a huge rollercoaster of you rising and falling with fame as your power alternates between putting a frog in your throat and not putting a frog in your throat.

The power to condense large paragraphs of text into a single sentence.
The text would be convoluted and hard to read though.

Iron Man's "powers" XD
You don't get the suit

The ability to draw things consistantly
you draw the same thing

The powers of lingling.
Granted. Youve ordered two of these

Mostly useless 7$ objects

Enjoy your "LINGLING ONE IEC C14 TO C13 POWER adapter"

I wish i had more toffie in the freezer.
Granted, your freezer is locked

The power to remind people that is isn't the corrupt-a-wish thread.
Now they think this is Fortify a Wish

The power to lose wieght
You lose toó much

Fattythefatguy has real wishpowers when i read that this wasnt the "corrupt a wish" thread i immidiantly thought "wait- is this fortify a wish? "

The POWER to refill anything.
Explaination provided here
But you realize quickly enough that it only happens because you daydreamed in the realm of Cyanide and Happiness.

the power to make a Cyanide and Happines video real
It's the Ladder episode, and you're left on Earth

The power to stop the apocalypse.
But it makes everyone wish the apocalypse had happened, because they are miserable with overpopulation and pollution and crap.

The power to have any superpower you want AND never have anyone discover your secret identity.
But you can't think of any good powers

The power to know when you're being talked about behind your back.
But you don't know if it is good talk or bad talk, and end up losing friends who were talking good about you when you thought they were gossiping.

The power to create money.
The IRS tracks you down for counterfeit

The power to charge any electronic device to full capacity in a minute
But you electrocute yourself with 120-volt current when you do so, leading to your untimely death because of your heart stopping

The powers of John Battman
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