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whoa, stay away from him. his temper HEATS up quickly.
I guess that's just one of THOSE things.
yeah, right next to annoying THOTS.
oh god, anyone but THOSE.
oh god, anyone but THOSE.
Btw i claim your soul natasha
Btw i claim your soul natasha EDIT nvm diav got it
Yeah, my soul's taken, I guess :p
You can't get those in the SHOPS.
Nor can you get them in IHOPS
or IHOBS :)
I hear that BISON like that.
After a while, it all just sounds like NOISE.
What, like a SIREN?
Too many false alarms can cause security gaurds to be forced to RESIGN.
I guess the false alarms were a result of faulty DESIGN.
Oh, so we added a letter? I'm okay with that, I just don't want to be the person who's SIDING with any issues.
Well, I'll be SLIDING another letter in.
Warning - you may get SINGLED out.
I just hope my house doesn't get attacked and loose a SHINGLE
This thread HINGES on keeping the word 5 letters long. Let's step it back a notch.

Also, alfa, you keep killing kittens. Double posts are bad.
Well, if we're back to five letters, that's where I really SHINE
Perhaps you could give the rest of us some HINTS and tips?
Well, first off, you should probably lay off the PINTS of beer before making tags.
Yeah, before we STRIP you of your posting privileges.
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