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out comes a Rugby player

In goes a taxidermist and Tails
Out comes a fur-lined cab.

In goes Travis Bickle
Out comes scarring trauma

In goes a christian server
Out comes some stand-up comedy

In goes Jimmy Kimmel
Out comes Jimmy Fallon.

In goes Jimmy Neutron.
out comes a spaceship

In goes my burning hatred towards facebook
Out comes a fire extinguisher.

In goes Mark Zuckerberg
Out comes one of the aliens from Independence Day.

In goes a tomato.
Out comes spaghetti sauce

In goes a rift in the spacetime continuum
Out comes a new you.

In goes a portal gun.
Out comes the same portal gun, but on the opposite side of the room

In goes my finger...
Out comes a piranha on your finger

In goes an emoji
Out comes a poo emoji.

In goes a candid photo of Farrah Fawcett.
Out comes a sink faucet named Sarah

I'm goes a portable vending machine
out comes a portable version of this game

In goes the webmaster (no offense intended0
out comes a sysadmin

In goes a hostage
out comes hostig

in goes UTAU
Out comes a Taurus with mercury ascendant.

In goes a mistaken image credit.
Out comes a "" watermark.

In goes a vintage meme.
Out comes a dead meme

In goes a trade offer
Out comes a strange festivized scattergun, valued at 1 key.

In goes said key.
Out comes blue moon cosmetic

In goes said hat
Out comes the mad hatter.

In goes a dormouse.
out comes alice

in goes a .plan file
Out comes a manual for the Panama Canal.

In goes a Panama hat.
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