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Granted, and you do

I wish teachers wouldn't assign you a 5 paragraph essay the first day of school due at the end of class
Granted, you don't have to do any more essays for the rest of your life

I wish I had a spring in my backyard with flowing money
granted, it only spits money out to you

I wish i could get that spring as well
Granted, it spits gold instead of money

I wish for a better sense of time
Granted. You are now a Time Lord.

I wish that I had an Iron Man suit
Granted, and you have Spiderman's powers too

I wish for the special Black Panther suit from the movie
Granted, you get both and now rule Wakanda

I wish this restaurant didn’t smell like smoke
Granted. All the smoke is purged, and the smell of a pine forest is left behind.

I wish for a way to drink without the hangover.
Granted, and you never pass out or throw up either.

I wish my interests didn't conflict with the biased rules of society.
Granted, pop stars don't exist; leaving you to dominate the music industry as well

I wish I could make a living playing music and run my own forum too
Granted, your forum is very popular and its rules obeyed.
And you make one heck of a living from your music.

I wish I could stop feeling so guilty.
Granted, you're never guilty of anything ever again.

I wish I wasn't always so damn hungry.
Granted. Now nobody is hungry! You solved world hunger, forever!

I wish that picture on the wall wasn't crooked.
Granted and now no other pictures you see will be crooked either.

I wish to be able to focus in class.
Granted, and you get straight A's and your parents buy you a great new laptop

I wish for a great laptop
Granted, it's a gaming laptop

I wish for youtube poop material and an irc connection to them (irc only)
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