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whoever HEARS us will know
I think the thread has jumped the SHARK.
hopefully I don't SHART
Please, don't START.
Somethings are just in bad TASTE
I'll watch this play out while I drink a LATTE
I may do that LATER
for now lemme dab on the HATERs
Ooh, feel the WRATH!
From hell’s HEART, I stab at thee
Thee TEARS with thy knife strike.
Shall I WREST thee from thy purpose?
if you don't start talking normally, I'm gonna slit my WRIST
First, let me STRIP naked
Oh my! We'll see all your PARTS....
I'm not sure that would PARSE as a full sentence.
We might need to PAUSE here
I'm not sure that's such a SUPER idea.
We may need to PARSE that idea first
STRAP in folks, this could take a while.
Maybe we should PARTY while we wait
Will there be ARTSY decorations?
Yeah, but they'll be taken down soon, so don't be TARDY
Can I bring my HYDRA?
If you think we are READY for that...
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